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Shenzhen Fomax Technology Limited, specialize in developing and manufacturing quality tempered glass screen protectors. Our products are made according to strict quality management control systems ISO9001:2000

iPhone 14 Tempered Glass Screen Protector and mobile accessories

There are still few months before the 2022 iPhone 14 released. You could get many info from google internet. As a tempered glass protector manufacturer, we here to confirm all the glass protector for iPhone 14 series and also camera lens protector are ready in Fomax...

How to remove tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass is widely used as screen protector for our mobile and tablet device, which turned out a cost effective and efficient mobile accessory. Though it is tempered glass, it is still a glass protector and somehow it will still damage with days goes on by...

Luminous Glowing Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Full glue luminous glowing tempered glass with silicone edge, not only with sound protection for mobile, but also a cool decoration for mobile: the silicone edge shows white during daytime, and glowing green color at night. Attractive and also helps you easy to find...