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Shenzhen Fomax Technology Limited, specialize in developing and manufacturing quality tempered glass screen protectors. Our products are made according to strict quality management control systems ISO9001:2000

How Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector Work ?

Here Fomaxglass is introducing how the privacy tempered glass screen protector works, and also expain the reasons how it works, and how to choose a correct privacy screen protector to protect your mobile sensitive data from Visual hacking.

do smartwatches need screen protector

When you purchase smartwatches, the first question you may ask is: Do i need grab a tempered glass screen protector to go with it and keep the smartwatches safe? And from Internet, there are a lot of discusstions about “do you recommed a screen protector on smartches” “Should i buy a tempered glass screen protector for my smart watch”.

Huawei P50 Pro , finally it comes!

When people are expecting new iPhone 13 which estimated released on Septemper, Huawei unvailed the 2021 new flagship P50 Pro on today. Here is a simple introuduction to see how this awesome mobile details.

How a rubber edge tempered glass screen protector works

It is a unbroken screen proetctor made by Japan glass and Korean AB glue with a silicone edge rubber, so the glass protector not easy broken.