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Shenzhen Fomax Technology Limited, specialize in developing and manufacturing quality tempered glass screen protectors. Our products are made according to strict quality management control systems ISO9001:2000

Protetor de tela de vidro temperado anti-azul, protege bem os olhos da luz azul móvel?

1. What is Blue Light? Light is technically formed by the wave, which some are invisible and some are not. Our human eyes could see light wave between about 400nm and 760nm. UV light waves: 400-480nm. One important thing to clarity, not all the UV light is harmful to...

Para Samsung S24/S24 Plus, S24 Ultra proteção total protetor de tela de vidro temperado, protetor de lente de câmera, também estojo militar

Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, S24 Ultra are coming.Our production line are under prodution its tempered glass screen protector. here is the detail for you: tempered glass screen protector 1) ultra-thin full screen black with fingerprint unlock, PC board or without PC...

Proteção de corpo inteiro para Samsung Galaxy A35: protetor de tela de vidro + protetor de lente de câmera + estojo militar

Samsung Galaxy A35 will come to the market soon. We Fomax is under production the glass screen protector and cases for it. It is full product. Tempered glass screen protector: non-full clear, black anti-static full screen, black matte, black privacy 2. Camera lens...