HD Privacy Tempered Glass Full Cover Full Glue

Privacy screen protector is becoming popular in this 2 years. However it is not a new product. Actually when the PET screen protector on market, the privacy protector for screen are there available for market.

Fomax Tech Anti spy peeing privacy tempered glass for iPhone Xs Max-APIXSM12

More an more people are wanting a privacy tempered glass for their mobile screen. But many are getting disappointed about it. Here are the most unsatisfied points we got from customers:
1) it is not a privacy protection, but a black protector which blocking the light transparency. The reason why this happen is that: their supplier may supply them a normal privacy glass protector, which is not HD high transparency. Those normal privacy protector looks very dark and blurry . After you install this glass, you need to turn up screen brightness so you could see clearly to the screen. So it is not human care, it is eye hurting and also too costing for mobile battery. Maybe only half day you need top up your battery, which normally you could last up 1 day for battery.
2) People at mobile side could still see your screen. Some people complain their privacy tempered glass, people sitting at their 2 sides could still see your screen. So you cannot count on this glass to create privacy when using your phone and someone is trying to see your screen. . What? isn’t privacy glass protector just people in front of your screen could see?  Fomaxglass now tells you that those privacy glass is cheap item, not a high quality one. Those privacy glass probably is a 45 degree angle side, which means, people at a 2 sides could still see your screen at such a angle area.
3) Not full screen full cover. Some items even not cover the whole screen that lights up, which looks ugly and will scratches your hands when touch the edge. In their explanation, it is a case friendly protector. And for now, Fomaxglass privacy protector solves this situation. It is full cover which cover the whole screen/ not including the arc edge.
Furthermore, there are also like issues: hard to install, air bubble occur, edge easy crack etc.
All those issues which customers concern, fomaxglass now offers you a new generation for the privacy glass.
1) HD privacy glass. the glass adopts original LG Korea privacy filter material. It allows more than 70% light transparency.  Though not able to match up clear tempered glass HD, but it is a good standard in privacy glass protection products.
2) Real 30 degree privacy. We are providing 2 LCD screen sides privacy at 30 degree. With the the glass, safe for your screen and safe for your private at the screen. Furthermore, a OEM 28 degree  privacy protector we are providing for some OEM cases.
3) Full cover full glue. the glass with black edge, which is same based on full cover full glue tempered glass, and now adding a privacy filter on it. So the glass now is privacy full glue full cover tempered glass. The edge has been reinforced not easy broken the edge in our daily usage, which is extend the lifespan of the tempered glass.
Following Fomaxglass available the HD full cover privacy glass for your info.



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