How to remove tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass is widely used as screen protector for our mobile and tablet device, which turned out a cost effective and efficient mobile accessory. Though it is tempered glass, it is still a glass protector and somehow it will still damage with days goes on by accident.

Once the tempered glass protector has a small crack on it, then it has done its job and it is time to change it. But how to remove this armor screen protector?

We do see a lot of different nonsense articles writes too much complicated on how to remove tempered glass. Come one, it is just a piece of glass protector. Actually it is pretty easy, and following are some some tips for your reference.

As a professional tempered glass manufacturer, basically there are 3 different types of tempered glass protector and slightly difference removing method:

  • edge glue tempered glass. This is mainly for the 3D curved screen protector, eg, for Samsung S20 Ultra, Xiaomi 11T pro etc. Those glass are only edge glue, and middle of the glass not have adhesive. Just use fingernail lift a little bit of any corner of the tempered glass, and slightly lift it up. Please be careful, if the tempered glass stay on your device screen like for 2 years, and at the same time, the glass is shattered. Then you could begin removing from the other part. If you are worry about the safety and worry the glass may hurt your hands, just use a credit card to help when you lift a little bit of the glass, but no much worries, Fomax glass protector are real tempered glass, and it not hurt hands. Only those poor quality tempered glass will have the possibility to make harm to user.
  • Full glue full adhesive tempered glass. This glass is much more easier for take the glass off. As the whole screen protector are glued by a full AB glue film, Peel the glass off in as much of an even layer as possible, so you will find the whole glass will be off by a whole sheet, and not separately. And after taking off the glass protector just use the cleaning kit alcohol wet pad to clean the LCD screen before you assign new tempered glass on it.
  • UV liquid nano tempered glass. This is a new type of tempered glass, but now are very stable now. Some blogger writes need an hair dryerto heat up the glue like 15 seconds before remove it. While, I can not say he is wrong, but for a high standard of UV liquid tempered glass it will never use such a device to remove the glass. And say true some factories use poor quality UV liquid and makes the glass very hard to remove, we did heard feedback from our clients complain others UV glass. This is because the UV glue is poor quality and not super optical liquid glue. Fomax never use such glue, so for our tempered glass UV type, it is also simple to remove, as easy as the normal tempered glass.

And you could always writes to us and we are always willing to help in Fomax. Thank you.



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