I don’t know my iPad version, which iPad tempered glass should I choose for my iPad?

This problem must puzzle us a lot: I would like buy a tempered glass for my ipad, while there is so much models iPad, and what model ipad tempered glass should I choose? As we know the iPad first come to market on year 2010 with 9 years now, there are about 50 iPad versions in market. For example, when we see the name iPad A1822 model, it may hard for us to know which version is this iPad belong to. Actually if you look carefully, every ipad there is a model number on the back , which stars with letter “A”, and each version will have a unique number to represent it.

The iPad names could roughly caterreis by 4 series:

iPad Pro,  iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad

In order to help you to know their difference, here, Fomaxglass make a simple listing for all the iPad models which will help you to know better for them.

Hope it could help you. Whether you are buying a tempered glass, iPad cover, or even doing some repair for the ipad LCD screen, battery, you could compare the chart with your own iPad model. Thank you.



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