New arrival-Anti-slide armor phone case

We are always on the way to provide good experience of phone case for customers. Our new arrival armor phone case is ready, please take them to your customeres.

The selling points for this new armor case:
* independent holding support
* stripe feel on sides, anti-skid
* one-out-one mold production
* Good sliding camera cover
* comfortable hand feeling


Product Features:

1. Two-piece contruction. Two materials, close fit. Combination of hard PC and soft TPU, dual protection against impact.
2. Slide camera cover: ingenious sliding camera shield-tough on protection, smart on simplicity. Slide cover protects camera from scratches and protects your privacy.
3. 360 degree rotation. Come wih one piece metal ring braket, free rotation is not limited, 360+100 follow the rotation to stabilize the support.
4. Anti-skid design, keeps tightly in your hand, not easy to fall dowm accidently.
5. On-board high magnetic adsorption, bumpy not off. Safe travel, mobile phone fixed do not shake.
6. Drop protection. Disepersed impact cushioning.
7. Raised bezels around the screen and camera, tough enough to tackle any environment you are in.
8. One-to-one mold, guarantee the quality.
9. Smooth touch feeling.
8. 8 colors available. Red+black, green+black, black, puplr+black, blue+black, green+pink, pink+red, pink+green




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