2019 Apple iPad 10.2 tempered glass screen protector

Now Apple’s seventh-generation iPad, introduced in September 2019, it is more versatile, with a larger 10.2‑inch Retina display which will be available on 9.30. The new iPad 10.2 tempered glass protector now available from Fomaxglass. We are now offering 2 types of hardened glass screen protector for the iPad: HD tempered glass, matte tempered glass.


The new iPad has a 10.2-inch retina display which is bigger than the last generation iPad. It is with incredible detail and vivid colors. The new, larger Retina display is perfect for watching a movie, working on a project, and drawing your next masterpiece.

If you want to keep the screen as pristine as possible, tempered glass screen protector are the best choice. The tempered glass screen protectors is very useful to prevent the screen from getting scratched or scuffed. Therefore it can ensure our iPad functionality and visibility same as the day you bought it.

A 9H tempered glass screen protector is the most popular way to protect the screen on your iPad. It is super slim 0.3mm screen protector has super tough 9H hardness and crazy easy for installation with no air bubble.

0.3mm ultra thin. The basic choice of the iPad screen protector will be the HD premium tempered glass. it is ultra thin with only 0.3mm thickness, due to the special features of the decent tempered glass, we could have touch sensibility on the iPad screen.

Precisely CNC cut. The tempered glass is machine CNC cut, leaving all the sensor hole cut. Based on the manufacturing experience, the glass will cut slightly smaller than the screen, so it is case friendly working with ipad case or cover.

Matte tempered glass. If you are using a lot of drawing or sketching on the iPad, the matte anti glare tempered glass screen protector match the demands. With this frosted tempered glass, it will be much more easy using Apple pencil for the ipad. It is anti glare, anti fingerprint, no dazzling and pretty durable.

Super touch. The hardened glass screen protector is perfectly fit on ipad, looks like as if there is no screen protector on the screen. Comparing with the plastic screen protector, which is easy to scratch and no anti fingerprint, the matte tempered glass protector is super tough reaches hardness 9H.