Diamond camera lens protector for iPhone 15 Pro

for iPhone 15 Pro diamond camera lens protector, real machine 1:1 cutting, specially customized for iPhone 15 Pro, super scratch-resistant and scratch-free.


for iPhone 15 Pro diamond camera lens protector

Product details: 

  • This special lens is made just for the iPhone. It looks almost the same as the original lens, matching the iPhone perfectly, and it’s hard to notice once it’s on.
  • The adhesive used comes from Japan and sticks really well but won’t leave any marks when you remove it.
  • It uses OCA vacuum technology that gets rid of air quickly, and there are no weird edges, marks, or warped corners.
  • The glass of tempering time is more than 4 hours,  can pass drop test (64g solid stell ball from 2m height in 10 times) without breaking.
  • This lens has AR optical anti-reflection feature that makes photos clearer. It’s made from diamond crystal glass materials that make colors brighter and image quality better compared to the original.
  • Real machine 1:1 cutting, It covers the phone perfectly without any gaps.
  • It has nano-coating that stops fingerprints, fog, and dust from sticking to it.
  • Super diamond hardness, scratch-resistant and scratch-free, it’s even harder than diamond and stays looking new for a long time.
  • It looks just like the original phone and fits with almost all phone cases, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right one.