Full Glue Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Xiaomi CC9

Xiaomi CC9 as on market in July 2019, also with the Xiaomi Mi CC9mt Meitu EditionSuper, with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors. Fomaxglass make this mold glass protector at the very first time after the mobile released. Now our factory production are in process making this Xiaomi CC9 tempered glass, some our customers are waiting the very new product to hit market.



It’s made of chemically processed real glass material so that the transparency is excellent. The oleophobic coating prevents various contaminants on your Xiaomi CC9 in daily use.

The shatterproof feature prevents the glass from bursting into small pieces upon impact. The tempered glass screen protector is 0,3mm thick but has the hardness of up to 9H.

This LCD protective film is made from chemically processed real glass. The glass protector with 9H high transparency and anti explosion function will not break into small pieces of sharp. It has oleo phobic coating to prevent contaminants. With precisely CNC cut making it case friendly but also full coverage.

Excellent screen protector for your Xiaomi CC9
It’s made of a chemically processed real glass material
The transparency is outstanding, and there is no image distortion
The screen protector doesn’t interfere with the touchscreen responsiveness of your Xiaomi CC9
The shatterproof feature means it won’t burst into small pieces
The screen protector is only 0,3mm thin, so you won’t even notice it’s there
Smooth arc edge design makes the tempered glass screen protector fit ideally to your Xiaomi CC9
The hardness is up to 9H so that it can withstand scratches and minor impacts
This is not a full coverage screen protector – it doesn’t cover the full display of your Xiaomi CC9