Full tempered glass screen protector for Motorola Moto One Vision Black

Motorolaone VISION with ultra-wide 12:9 cinemavision display reach 6.3’’ screen. We recommend the full glue tempered glass back color for the device protection. Fomaxglass make it custom cut by CNC machine, only a small portion black edge around the glass, so the glass black edge will not cover any LCD display showing part. You will hard to tell there is a glass on cover after the installation. The surface of the tempered glass is coated with AF oil to reduce fingerprints and smudges. Thickness with only 0.3mm optical grade tempered glass is ultra thin; no affect to touch sensibility, providing same touching feel.



Precisely custom cut for Moto one Vision. The tempered glass is custom made to fit the mobile screen. There is a small lip around the edge of the protector, as we make the tempered glass case friendly, therefore it will slightly smaller than the mobile screen. No need to worry about it, the tempered glass could perfectly protect the whole screen. Furthermore, since it is case friendly glass, we could use mobile case or cover with the glass, so the mobile will 360 degree protection.

Super easy installation. We provide a professional instruction manual, people could install the glass step by step and will find the tempered glass installation will be pretty easy. Strong AB Korea glue allows people install the glass many times. Not all people are expert at installation; our strong glue allows people install the glass many times, so need to worry about the failure at the first time. You will find the result no bubbles, and no halo effect.

Clean and clear. Each tempered glass are inspect by FQC before shipping. We assure our customers receive a perfect glass. No dust, no dot, no edge broken. We do understand the tempered glass is easy to have above issue, tough the glass is made in dust-free room. A simple tempered glass comes to final after several processes in production. In the FQC part, all those possible issue glasses will be pick out, only those perfect items will dispatch.

Professional packing and fast delivery. We provide both retail package or without retail package for orders according to clients’ requirements. A strong box and well protection solution packing will be provide for each order. Also we have stable shipping agent who could deliver our order to worldwide fast and safe.