iPhone 11 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3D Curved Full Screen

Who makes the best iPhone screen protector? This question is a frequently ask questions from the internet. Fomaxglass thinks it is hard to identify the answer, as there are too many different screen protectors, and tempered glass protector is just one type of them. Referring to tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro, Fomaxglass will highly recommend the 3D curved tempered glass. It could perfectly fit for the edges, making the iPhone screen seamless fully covered. We are offering OEM to several mobile accessory brands.


3D whole screen protection with full adhesive glue. Tempered glass precisely cut for iPhone 11 Pro, it has a 3D curved edge gives the mobile screen fully protection, seamless full coverage, covers the entire screen so nothing screen is exposed. In this part, it is quite better than the normal clear tempered glass or the 2.5D full cover tempered glass, they can not cover the edges, as the clear tempered glass will only able to cover the display LCD screen.

Compatible with Face ID. The Fomaxglass 3D tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro compatible with face recognition. It will not affect any features of the mobiles. No need to worry about it. The entire tempered glass is perfectly fit for the mobiles.

Real 9H hardened tempered glass. The tempered glass is made by Japan glass with special treatment to form a tempered glass protector. Not only the 4 edges are strong reinforcement, but also the full tempered glass is strong enough. It can avoid scratches from keys, drops, crack from our daily usage. According to our customers’ feedback, the iPhone with Fomaxglass tempered glass and Spigen or Otterbox armor case could perfectly protect the device.

Quality guaranteed. Each tempered glass is inspected by FQC before shipping. Each tempered glass is checked by our quality control team 3 times before shipping. First, glass material checking, the glass shape will be cut by CNC machine, and our QC will check the glass if they are broken or crakes. Second, the glass will be check again before the AB glue paste on the tempered glass. Third, the final tempered glass will be inspected by FQC before shipping. With all the detail process, the tempered glass protector will be a perfect one, no dust, no lint, no damage etc. Fomaxglass offers full quality guarantee for our products.