iPhone 11 Tempered glass screen protector 2019 new version

Though Apple company not send any iPhone invitation in year 2019, we have get confirm data from trustful channel, there will be 3 new iPhone released in this September. As always, all China mobile accessory manufacturers are preparing the production for the related products. Fomaxglass now are preparing the tempered glass screen protector for the new iphone 11.

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Ultra thin. Tempered glass screen protector for the new iPhone only 0.3mm makes the touch accurate and compatible with the 3D touch. That is a very important thing we need to make sure our tempered glass is enhance the use feeling on the mobile.

Slim cut CNC made. According to market research, customers more prefer using the screen protector with the mobile cover. Therefore, when we design the glass, we must consider the situation and our glass for iPhone must working with the mobile cover. Our design is a case friendly design, compatible with all the popular mobile cover made by case factories.

Easy installation. The full glue adhesive glass is very easy to apply on the iPhone screen. And frankly the iPhone 11 tempered glass will be much easy installation than the iPhone 8 glass. As there is no touch home button, only make sure the speak area in right position, and then lay down the screen protector on the mobile LCD screen, the glass protector will automatically absorb on it. No need a tray tool or any easy app to help in the installation process.

Quality guarantee. Any glass made by Fomaxglass, having the quality issue, we will do the after sales service. Just drop us mail with the description and the order ref. number, we will reply within 1 working day. A contract buying our glass is not an end of a deal, but a start for service. Welcome to contact us, we are also could share market info with customers.