iPhone Xr screen protector glass full screen coverage full adhesive glass screen protector 6.1 inch

Made out of tempered glass, reinforced edge makes the glass not easy broken at edges. You may have the problem the glass will easily broken in pocket or some unknown reasons, fomaxglass with a 4 hours time tempered in high temper machine makes the tempered as hard as 9H, having the features: anti scratch, anti explosion etc. The protector comes in 0.3mm in thickness, so there’s very sensitive in touch. Also the glass is nano coating, so will smudges free and fingerprint free.



With a Fomaxglass iPhone XR glass protector you will got a real tough protection for your mobile, it protect your mobile against drops, scratches, dirts, smudges. Case friendly design working with any mobile case  , you will never worry about your iPhone XR screen or the body from now.

​Different from the premium clear tempered glass, the remarkable full cover glass will have a color margin at the edges, you will hard to tell there is a cover glass on your mobile screen. And a full glue glass will avoid any air bubbles in installation.

The transparency of this screen protector is equally impressive, reaches as 97%, which means that you’re not losing the high definition clarity of the Super Retina display.

Each glass we will provide a cleaning kit, so it will helps when install the glass. No matter you are wholesaling the glass or retail owner, we will have related accessories for you.

Fomaxglass accepting OEM order with special requirements and also small orders are welcome. The glass we are making have regular stock, and we could do quick shipping. Our customers will no need to keep stock, our factory will help them to make stock, drop us an email, and we will get back to you with 8 working hours.