Military grade shock proof mobile case for iPhone 14 with camera cover and kick stand

Want a mobile case for the iPhone 14 but need to be durable and also want a kickstand on the case, and furthermore if have a slide lens cover for the mobile? Here you are now find the exact product for your device: 2022 Armor case for iPhone 14.



The mobile case specially designed for iPhone 14 with silicone cover and PC shell assembly, therefore the case fit the mobile snug. Someone says it takes time to install the armor case on mobile: they use finger nail to make the silicone case have space to put in the mobile. While, there is a simple way: just separate the armor case by 2 parts: silicone case and the PC shell. First put the silicone case on the mobile, and then put the PC shell on the silicone case, then it is ok. And you now could enjoy the 360 protection for your device. Easy and simple and works.

USP as following:

1) Camera protection. As we know, the iPhone 14 series they have similar multiple rear cameras, therefore most users will buy a glass protector for the camera protection. Here you now have a new option: this armor case already with a camera protection integrated. Just slide right or left the window and makes the rear cameras opened and closed. And when moving the side window, you could listen and feel the little click sound than locks slider into place as there are locking mechanism. And when no need the camera protected or using the camera taking photos or videos, just put the cover on the right side and the cover window will stay there very firm and not move.

2) With kickstand. The mobile case with already a kickstand or calledfinger ring. The kick stand could move 360 degree, so it is a 360 degree ring. As we know the iPhone 14 series with 6.1 and 6.7 inch screen, so the mobile with long size, and a small hands sometimes not able to hold the mobile, therefor a 360 degree finger ring will help you easy to keep the mobile at hand when you are doing something. Furthermore the kickstand works great to make the mobile sit on desk so you could watch TV on mobile.

3) Car holder. The kickstand made by metal, and working perfectly with the car holder. No worries about the ring will be damaged, it made by strong metal and stay firm on the case. The case is a top notch.

Welcome to contact us to get more details. In conclusion, this mobile case you will love it and it will do great job and keep your mobile intact.