Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touchscreen tempered glass display protector

There are many 7 inch screen protector for tablet or LCD screen, but not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touchscreen. Some suppliers produce the film guard for the device, but it can not protect the LCD screen well. Here Fomax available OEM order for the Raspberry Pi full series screen glass protector.


The tempered glass protector is an ultra clear screen protector, no any affect to the vivid touch screen function. Tempered glass screen protector with high HD optical AB glue, giving the assembly simple and fast, also easy remove without any residue.

Nano oil coating. Anti smudge and free dirt,Dirt-repellent surface easy cleaning. Once there are some small dots on the glass screen, could be clean and remove easily.

9H hardness. Real tempered glass design made by high temperature: anti shock, anti broken, safe for users. The glass film is durable and super hard.

Easy assignment. The glass protector is a straight and hard protector film, made by durable tempered glass and several layers films. The protector is precisely designed for the Raspberry Pi LCD screen, so no worry if you could not assign on it. Actually it is much easier than the mobile screen protector assignment.

Functional glass screen protector. Besides the ultra thin screen protector, Fomax also provide the functional screen protector for our clients such as anti glare tempered glass, anti blue light tempered glass.

Raspberry Pi 7 inch tempered glass protector

Raspberry Pi 7 inch glass protection

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