Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G Tempered Glass Screen Protector Manufacturer

Fomaxglass are ready for the curved tempered glass of Galaxy Note 10 plus. UV liquid tempered glass and edge glue curved tempered glass both available. It is specially designed for Note 10+, working with unlocking screen. Welcome to your trail and OEM order.



This curved tempered glass phone screen protector is made with advanced hot bending machine, which offering a seamless edge to the mobile screen.

The glass screen protector makes by environmental protection materials. Also Fomax glass is safe care, keeping safe to people after the tempered glass is broken.
Provides long-lasting protection from shock, dust, scratches. Quality is always our first goal to make. With one more step thinking in production, we will make our brand glass big step higher than other competitor.

Precise cutouts for all the sensors. Mobile with Fomax glass no affect to Note10+ function. Not protect your phone, but also be a good accompany.
Seamless edges full coverage 100% protection the mobile screen.

Installation Instructions:
Please ask our sales team for help if there are any help needed. We will reply within 1 working day.
Fomaxglass will offers cleaning kits in the retail package. At the very first time, clean the screen with the wet alcohol pad. If dots dust still somewhere on LCD display,
Makes sure the mobile screen is clean and clear. Now we peel off the PET film from the tempered glass, place the glass right position top to top, button to button on mobile. Press the 4 edges makes it attached to the screen. Now it is almost done. No worry about the glass will lift off, the edge glue is strong enough to keeps the glass firmly on the mobile.

Lead time and Guarantee
All those popular selling tempered glass, we will make regular stock. Orders within 1000pcs, we could ship in a very short time.
Firstly, all our tempered glass are fully inspected by QC team before shipping. However, any product will have some possible complain from customers. We will take our responsibility, if quality items we will refund or send new items.

Several tempered glass available for Note 10+ 5G

UV local glue tempered glass. Edge glue tempered glass, full glue tempered glass. All those tempered glass has been testing in real mobile, and working with LCD screen unlocking.