Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Camera Lens Protector

There are several types of glass protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra. This Fomax camera protector gives full protection of the whole rear camera, made by tempered glass and metal frame, which is very strong protective. A must have for Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.


Why we need a camera lens protector for Samsung S22 ultra. It is the most expensive flagship until now from Samsung, and fine sensors can be easily damaged by small bumps and scratches. How to avoid this issue? Only with Fomax made such a simple camera lens protector is a right protection for Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.

The lens protector looks black shape, but the lens part is made by clear transparent tempered glass. And the whole rear camera will be full covered by the tempered glass.

Easily apply this adhesive accessory with the wet and dry cloths included. This screen protector is simultaneously resistant, discreet and effective.