Tesla Model 3 Tempered Glass Display Protector 9H Matte Glossy Screen Protector

Tesla Model 3 with an enormous touchscreen 15″ navigation touch panel, it is very important to have tempered glass to cover the screen. As we no need to afford more than 1000 bulks to replace the touch panel screen, we could just use a Fomaxglass made tempered glass to protect it. We are offering both Matte glossy and HD tempered glass for the Model 3.


CNC cuts the glass perfectly fits for the Tesla Model 3 touch screen. After the glass installation, it is hardly noticeable there is a tempered glass on it.

Matte tempered glass with an especially treatment surface glass will not reduce the sharpness of the screen, but cuts glare significantly and not sacrifice any loss of the clarity. So there will be no much loss the image quality.

Anti glare tempered glass is easy to clean. Any dots or smudges could just swept away easily. The matte screen protector is fantastic guard film as it not only reduces fingerprints and light glare, but also makes it easier to slide your fingers across the screen.

Installation glass is not as hard as expected. Simple installation process and the result will look fabulous. Fomaxglass will provide full cleaning set with the tempered glass. Firstly, clean the touch panel; make sure there will no dots or dirt on the screen. Secondly, assign the glass to the screen and put it down slowly, the AB glue will attach to the screen automatically. The 15 inch glass protector may not assign perfectly at the initial time, no worry, we could just lift the glass and then install again, the strong AB glue allows us install the glass many times in the process of installation.