How to choose a tempered glass protector for your mobile

People may ask why we need a screen protector. According to new research, one in three Americans currently has a crack in their phone’s screen. Furthermore a new study of 2,000 people found that over half of those surveyed (52%) admit they are “always” worried about the safety of their phone. They high percent of worry is also from people facing stress of the high cost of replacing a mobile screen.

Yes, we indeed need a screen protector for our mobile device, and the tempered glass protector is believed to rank in top place for the choice, 9H hardness, which is the best standard for all those screen protectors.

Tempered glass screen protector suppliers are now offering quite many different types of glass protector, which are confusing for end customer. Here we offer some small tips for you to get the right tempered glass protector.

From the surface finish there are available: clear, anti blue light, matte and privacy.

*clear tempered glass is the classical screen protector. The glass is transparent finish reach 95% transparency. There are no filter film between the screen and the eye. So it is a simple tempered glass but is also a classical one. So if you need optimal visibility, this is a good choice.

*anti-blue light tempered glass. Mobile screen display consists of LED, and the LED lights are always light off harmful blue light to our eyes. For this reason, people feel eye tired after they stare at the mobile display for a while. If you are using the mobile reading a lot or watch movie, especially for school mates, the anti-blue ray tempered glass is a necessary product. Fomax is one of the early screen protector suppliers producing the real anti-blue ray screen protector in China. As some suppliers, they are making the called “anti UV ray” screen protector is not a real eye care protector.

*matte tempered glass film protector. Using the mobile outdoor, under the sunshine or don’t want to see fingerprints left behind the screen protector? The matte finish screen protector makes the screen protector surface with anti glare layer, it can remove bothersome light reflections. Its satin finish make fingerprints invisible and keeps mobile screen clean longer. From the above descriptions, mobile game user, or sports actives user could try this excellent screen protector. It is so match and called gaming glass or sports glass.

*privacy tempered glass. when you are taking a metro, bus, and whatever public place, you got some confidential data on screen, and just don’t want anybody else to see it. Say true, you must need this privacy glass protector- there is a special optical privacy layer imported from Korea, allowing owner see from the front side, but other from the other sides will not able to see the screen. With the privacy tempered glass allows you to work on important files by turning the screen black for stand next to you. No peeping, no prying, no gazing from now on.

The above general introduction could helps you to get a right protector, while there are still some more details from each version tempered glass. You could also consult our Fomax team for further info if you want, we will be happy to help and offer you a right solution.



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