What else Fomax glass can do for you as a tempered glass protector manufacturer?

We are not just a common factory offering tempered glass screen protector, not just a team who accept orders and do the production according to your requirements, not just one of the thousands of China manufacturers that busy production all the days and years. We are different; we are offering tempered glass screen protectors, but furthermore, we are offering what you exactly need, we are offering those others not able to work, we are offering some even you never imaging.

Please see following some common issue may happen to you:Oh, gosh, the glass size is not I want: too small, much smaller than my screen; too big, not a case friendly tempered glass, the case/cover lifting the glass up.

  • How come? There is no ANY tempered glass protector to fit my device. I just want a screen protector to gives a protection to my mobile or tablet or LCD screen.
  • I want gives OEM order to factory making the exact tempered glass like 500pcs. Factory answers: order too small, not able to arrange, our MOQ is 5000pcs for making OEM tempered glass. You are thinking these guys are ridiculous asking such high MOQ for my first order.
  • I want a cost effective tempered glass for 3D printers. Have limited target pricing for it, as it is just a consumable items. You got their quotation high far beyond to your expectation.
  • I want to expand to a new business or I want to explore market to a certain type tempered glass, not sure I could I proceed. Asking your current suppliers some suggestion? They may not have ideas, or recommend some products which popular in China but not any market niches in your domestic market.

Wait a minutes, there are too many you may want to write and complain. And yes, we do understand those things happen always. We do have many customers come to us just they don’t get what they want from their current vendors. We here would like to say, all those above issues will have good solution in Fomax glass.

Fomaxglass is steady growing these years: based on good quality, reasonable pricing, good service, smart suggestion and solution, market analysis etc. Choosing Fomax glass, not only you could work with a reliable tempered glass supplier, but also a market analysis expert. We may not could not help gain millions of dollars, but we could help you to avoid some troubles or traps in the mobile accessory business.

Fomax glass with rich experience in production making offering A+ product you want, also could offer market suggestion for your reference. Besides the tempered glass making, we are also doing Labels, barcode, FBA, packing, photos to show in your online shop. All those jobs could done Fomax.

Drops us an email, and out stories will happens, says a hello happy new year 2020 in advanced to all our friends and customers.



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