iPhone 13 leaks? Fomax Glass wholesaler iPhone 13 Tempered Glass Protection on order

iPhone 13 rumors has been getting a lot of news in this year, as far as we know Apple event will come in this fall 2021. Fomax glass has been predict all correct iPhone before they officially released. Don’t get me wrong, we only predict the tempered glass protector for the iPhone, and for the other functions or new features of the iPhone only could be known when Apple staff release from the Apple event and the mobile become a reality.

For now Fomax glass can guarantee there will be 4 models of the new iPhone 13 ( or whatever it’s called) :

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Here maybe you most want to know, what is difference when compare to iPhone 12:

1) iPhone 13 has changes the speaker position, which now are upper to the top edge of the LCD screen.

2) Camera and Face ID sensor move to the middle, and the camera move to left.

3) Screen notch size is much smaller.

Also there was many leak news says the new iPhone 13 will have understand screen fingerprint function, but from our latest confirm: The iPhone 13 no have such under screen fingerprint function.

Fomax glass are available to accept OEM/ODM orders from our clients for the new iPhone 13. We plan to R&D the following glass protectors for the new iPhone:

2.5D ultra thin premium glass: this is a classical tempered glass for all the iPhones, we design the screen film cover the mobile screen as large as possible, but also makes the design case friendly. Based on the classical design, there will also available for the privacy film, eye protection anti blue light screen film, anti bacterial film.

2.5D fullfit full glue glass protection. This is a most want tempered glass, which with arc edge and with black frames on the tempered glass. Perfectly working with mobile case and hard to notice there is a tempered glass.

3D curved tempered glass. We design this as a high quality and brand. Clients who want make their own brand and focus on high end market, this will be a charming item. Edge by edge full curved coverage. Even it is a full surface cover, it working perfectly for Face ID sensor etc.

Any ideas? Let’s seize the 1st chance to get the 1st pitch for new iPhone 13 2021.



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