How to eliminate rainbow effect when install tempered glass screen protector.

It may happened to you when you purchase a brand tempered glass from Amazon or ebay, and following strictly the installation instructions but still the final effect is not good-there are a some rainbow effect (Newton’s Rings) on the tempered glass protector.

What is “Rainbow effect” on tempered glass? Actually this issue only happen on edge glue glass.  It is a thin air space exists between the tempered glass protector and the mobile LCD screen, and light reflects in a particular way between them, causing blob-like visual patterns resembling oil spills. If the screen protector has adhesive glue only around the glass edges, then the center of the protector is going to remain rainbowed. As the central display of the glass not have adhesive to touch mobile screen, instead there are many small dots which helps touch sensibility, so due to the structure of the edge glue tempered glass, it sometimes will happen.

How to get rid of rainbow effect on tempered glass? For some case the rainbow effect will go away in few days after we use it. Do you know why they rainbow effect on tempered glass protector will go away by itself? As we says it occurs mainly is due to the airspace between the glass and LCD screen, so when the physical situation changes, this will also chances. According to our study, the temperature increase to 30 degree, and this situation will disappear due to the physical changes.

but some will never go away. Normally, people peel off the tempered glass and assign again, and sometimes good luck will come and this situation will going away. And if people do mind a lot of this raibow effect, and never want it happen. There is a new direction choice of tempered glass protector, let’s try the full glue adhesive full cover screen protector. Those protectors are now very mature and popular and there are also some high quality tempered glass screen protectors.



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