9H Tempered Glass Protection for Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro 2021 13 inch

Transparent Tempered Glass Membrane For Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro 13″ 2021 YT-K606F K606N Tablet Laptop PC Screen Protector Glass Film. Fomax glass as a professional screen film supplier, we have now ready for shipping of the newest lenovo android tablet. If you want to know more about the lenovo yoga pad pro 2021 price or tempered glass, case, cover, please contact fomax freely.


The Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro 2021 with a 13 inch screen, comes with a handle to help carry the tablet around and also prop it in different angles. The Lenovo Pad Pro 2021 comes with a 90Hz OLED display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC.

With such a big LCD screen 13-inch android tablet, the Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro could also use as an external monitor. As a LCD screen protector film manufacturer, Fomax always focus on the device screen and produce the most suitable tempered glass film for such a device, we are now ready for shipping for the tempered glass of the Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro. Whenever clients has what kind of LCD screen and need a film protection, you could rely on Fomax, and we could provide you a great product for the production.

Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro, Lenovo Pad Pro 2021, Lenovo Pad Plus are already lauched in China. You may want to know lenovo yoga pad pro 2021 price in India or ina China. We could provide you the information if needed. Fomax not only offers the glass protection for your device, but also we could offer you some device info if needed.