DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal tempered glass screen protector

GoPro and DJI Osmo pocket camera are popular as the action sports cameras. The glass protector from Fomaxglass is customs tailored set for Osmo pocket are designed to help you protect the camera lens and LCD screen. It is real 9H hardness tempered glass avoiding scratching and hit in our daily usage for the sports camera. Fomaxglass offering a full set tempered glass protector made by laser cut specially designed perfectly fit for the size.


The DJi Osmo touch screens and lenses are easy to break. So it makes sense to add a layer of glass protection The Osmo pocket OEM screen protector is real tempered glass, not soft glass, not PET film protector, therefore it is super durable much more than the normal screen protectors.

Whole packing cleaning kit including wet wipes, dry cloths, dust stickers. It will come with everything we needed to install the glass and installed quickly.

Fits seamlessly. There is even hard to notice there is a glass protector on the camera lens. You could put the camera in pocket and no need to worry it will get scratches etc.

Ultra thin 0.3mm thickness. The glass is a high transparency type reaches light transpiration as high as 97%, making the original vivid Vlog for us no issues with distorted images.

Super viscous AB glue, ensuring easy to paste without bubbles, no warping, shooting without vignetting, furthermore, it will not automatically off no matter we use in what kind of severe environment, suits for climbing, swimming, surfing etc. It is optical AB glue, and we can peel it off without leaving any residue on your device.

Small and smart. With our tempered glass, it can work with any protection case for the Gimbal head rotation. No need to worry if you want put with other protection tool for the DJI Osmo pocket the protections will not falling off. It is a must have glass protector for sports camera, as it cost low but protects the camera at a high risk situation.