Fomax 9H Full Cover Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass Film for Xiaomi A3

Xiaomi A3 tempered glass screen protector, also known as Xiaomi CC9e in China. Fomaxglass screen protector with high standard quality control, making the top quality tempered glass. The glass film are made by AGC glass, Korea AB glue, 9H, 0.3mm, full adhesive full glue, HD high resolution, anti scratch, anti smudge, anti fingerprint, customized for Xiaomi A3.


CNC precisely customs cut. The glass is made exactly for Xiaomi Mi A3. The glass has cut hole for all the working sensors. Also in cutting the holes we also has been considering making the glass in a good looking shape. We make the tempered glass and make it to be best.

Ultra thin with only 0.3mm thickness. Production line are making for OEM orders by AGC glass raw material, high light transparency, as high as 97%, keeps the original vivid color of the device screen. And also the tempered glass it gives a high touch sensibility for people using the mobile.

Anti scratch reinforced glass. A glass only proceed high temperature reinforcing could be durable, super tough, reinforced edge. Therefore, fomaxglass is affordable by installation few times and no edge broken. It not only helps in bumpy transportation, but also reduce the possible broken when installation. It happens a lot for some other brand glass, a small hit will ruin the glass.

Case friendly glass. The Xiaomi A3 will not cover the full screen, it is a smaller version, or called case friendly, allowing using the glass with some armor case. Also the tempered glass will not cover the visible LCD screen; the black edge only covers the bezel. So it covers the main screen, but leaves some small edge margin, which when using with case, the glass will not lift by the mobile case.