Protective glass for Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

Some glass manufacturer makes the glass protector too much bigger to work with the original case of Xiaomi. Fomax tempered glass are has been making the correct size for Xiaomi mobiles working with it original mobile case.



Do you have experience about: tempered glass protector nor working with the mobile case in the package? As we know xiaomi mobiles comes with mobile case inside the package. The original mobile case is good design and made with 4 edge corner protecting well to the mobile. But this gives a challenge to the screen protector manufacturer. As most of the supplier design the screen protector based on the CNC LCD screen. It is no problem and good fit for most of the mobiles, but refer to the xiaomi mobiles, it may occur problem: mobile case lift up the screen protector. When you pressing the lock or volume buttons, it will raise the screen protector edge. Therefore for those xiaomi mobiles with original case, we need to make the screen protector in smaller size so could be working with the mobile case.