Vivo V15 Pro Tempered Glass HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector

Vivo V15 Pro super AMOLED display is made with advanced E2 luminescent materials, with 1.75nm narrow bezel, 91.64% screen to body ratio. It is a fantastic looking screen. The Vivo V15 pro super display prices an awe-inspiring visual design, utterly seamless from end to end. Refer the LCD screen protection; a high standard high quality tempered glass will need for it.



High screen to body ratio. A simple 2.5D tempered glass will not able to fit such as high a high visual screen with a tiny curved edge. Though there will no bezel for a simple clear tempered glass, it will just cover a part of mobile screen, leaving gaps between the glass and the screen edge. Customer will not have a good touch feeling, and looks awkward for such a high standard mobile. A full cover tempered glass will better fit for the V15 pro, the glass with full glue on surface with a small black bezel on edge, which is same fit to the mobile screen.

2.5D curved edge. The fomaxglass V15 pro screen guard, multilayered screen protectors are made with polished, therefore not stop you finger when you touch the edge, and it is smooth moving. Many suppliers’ tempered glass does not stick on edges and you can feel the glass, looks great, smooth, but bad in the performance in the stick to edge, its due to the glass have the curved a edge, for this reason, some customers also try the 3D curved glass for V15 pro, and also the TPU film for V15 pro, water screen protector for it also.

Ultra thin working with screen unlocking. Vivo V15 pro says it is refined over five generations; And with their latest technology, the higher fingerprint pixel density allows a faster and more stylish more secure screen unlocking experience. With fomaxglass tempered glass protection, the screen unlocking it is still working perfectly, ultra thin and high clarity tempered glass make no difference for the speed unlocking screen V15 pro.