The biggest reason why you need a anti static tempered glass

It is easy to get an tempered glass and install on your mobile, if all goes on well, probably will take you like 10 seconds to make the job down. While, probably you have such situations, you just clean your mobile and for sure there is no dust or dot around the LCD screen, but when you put on the tempered glass on it and install, just turn out there is some small tiny dots or dust attached on the tempered glass, which is quite troublesome.

Why it happened? That is because our our living place, there is dust or curly items in the air which we not able see. And a tempered glass once you peel off the PET film and make it explosion to the air, the glass has a certain adsorption force to those items. Even if you manage well when cleaning the surface LCD, there will be small dust spots messing around.

How we could solve this? The ideal solutions is install the glass in a static free room. Well that is not feasible for a originally people. And some people says install a glass in the washing room, where the air is more humid, and it works, but still not a very good way and inconvenience.

And now, we have a innovation tempered glass, we should say, that is what you need exactly to solve this. The tempered glass is called: anti static tempered glass. And now it is time to change. Fomax tempered glass adopts a special AB coating: anti static adhesive layer, it can remove that static electricity generated when taking off the film, thereby reduces dust from it thought the anti static coating treatment. And this helps and makes the installation tempered glass much easy.



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