How Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector Work ?

Before we talk about how a privacy tempered glass (also called anti-spy screen protector) work, we would like to explain: what is a privacy tempered glass screen protector? A privacy protector is basically a tempered glass screen protector but with a special layer inside the screen protector, so keeping your mobile data safe from prying eyes. Just imagine there are some times when a stranger looking at your phone over your shoulder; at public transport which is bit crowded people around you also browsing your mobile screen with you. From a study shows 70% people have the irritating tendency to glance over other phone despite the fact that the phone is yours and everything you are doing on it is not for public purview. There is sensitive data in your mobiles, like some bank info, private message, some photos etc, which are inappropriate to been seen by others, so from this point, a privacy tempered glass protect is needed.

How it works? The tempered glass has opt a special filter which can only allow light to pass through from the certain angles. So you can see there are different types of privacy tempered glass: 28 degree privacy tempered glass, 30 degree privacy. That is means you could view the screen only in front of the LCD screen, and the viewing angle by 28 degree or 30 degree can not see the LCD screen, only could see it as black screen, that is because no any light pass through the LCD screen. Maybe an example could help you to imagine: a window-shades or window blinds with the privacy tempered glass. Main difference is that the blinds (the privacy filter here) are preset to a narrow front angle, letting you see everything clearly, while people sitting beside you are unable to see the content of your screen. And the bank ATM machine LCD screen also use similar technology for this anti privacy.

Do we really need one privacy tempered glass for Visual hacking. Yes, Fomaxglass would like to recommend its own design of the privacy tempered glass. But before you purchase a spy glass, there is something you need to know. A privacy glass is somehow looks darker than a clear transparent tempered glass. Many companies over advertising and promise no issues with clarity or brightness, but in fact that isn’t always the case. The privacy tempered glass somehow will affect the brightness, from a testing it will be reduce about 8%-10% of the brightness. Fomax privacy tempered glass is belong to the HD privacy tempered glass, not the normal dark privacy tempered glass from others.

About the normal dark privacy screen protector, others also selling in market with low pricing, but we may not recommend this type for you, as it affect the clarity too much, likes you mobile LCD screen covered by a summer sun glass. Someone says you can overcome the problem by pumping up the brightness of the LCD display, but this will cause the battery to drain faster. Having the brightness too high could also reduce the effectiveness of the privacy filter when the phone is angled away.

Therefore please choose the correct privacy tempered glass which suits for your case. And you could also refer to some mold list for our anti spy screen protectors from here.



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