What is a iPad paper like film, should I buy one?

What is a iPad paper like film, should I buy one?

Looks like a Matte screen film, but when you using a pencil to write on it, you will feel writing on paper. In this point, it is called paper like film. Which is much preferred by people who using iPad writing or sketching in daily. For example, designer, student, artist etc. Fomax glass has a statistics from their customers who buy our paper like film: 83% highly recommended it; 10% thinks over advertising, 7% thinks not worth it. After further communications, some customers still not fully understand the film features, so here we now explain these films suits for what kind of people.

With a paper like film, it is paper like have the friction. In this part, a iPad tempered glass will not able to match and compare, if we sketching on tempered glass, it sometimes will too smooth and mistakes easily, this will not happen on paper like film. And furthermore, it reduces the light refection and glare. Last but not least, good for people like writing on paper and this could be a nice choice for environmental protection, paperless begins here.

And about the positive thing is hard to install than a tempered glass. That is pretty true, as normally will be easy to install glass on our mobile. While a 7-10 inch or even more than 12 inch screen protector is not that easy. You need clean up tablet screen, make sure there is no any dust there etc, (some people even try make the installation in bathroom after a hot shower, just in order to make less dust in air), and lay out the film correctly. And in some point, it will have some tiny decrease the clarity of the screen. There is no way to make it high transparency as the glass protector.

Overall, the paper like film is good for people who writing and sketching a lot in daily. it worth a try. Not only it makes you feel writing on paper with apple pencil, but also it is environmental friendly. However, if you spend more time in playing games or reading books with the tablet, a tempered glass film maybe a better choice for you.


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