When the tempered glass screen protector is becoming popular?

When the tempered glass screen protector is becoming popular?

Tempered glass screen protector has been applied on mobile more than 9 years. Back on year 2010, Apple unveiled the 4th generation iPhone, which brings a good business chance for mobile accessories manufacturers, such as the screen protector factory, mobile case supplier, lighting cable vendors etc. At the same time, android phones coming into market with the brand like Samsung, Moto, HTC, LG etc. Internet are developing in a high speed, 4G internet has been spread the entire world along with the smart phones.

iPhone 4 the 1st batch tempered glass 0.4mm

Replacing a screen of smart phone is quite costly. Business men always have a keen business sense. They want a screen protector which is better than PET guard, can protect the big LCD screen. With their efforts, tempered glass protector has showing their outstanding features in protection mobile screen: 9H hardness, anti scratch, anti shattering. Therefore you could see in year around 2012, the tempered glass search volume in website have been increasing sharply and in a short time, it is widely known in mobile accessory business.

Thanks to the smartphone and 4G network, manufacturers, who are making PET screen protectors, glass panel etc, turn their business to tempered glass protector manufacturing. Yes, Fomax glass is one of the first manufactures making the glass at that time. A good products says more than itself, tempered glass protector wins high comments and now are widely know and used in mobile and tablet.

4G network brings high speed developing of smartphone

With market going, mobile tempered glass develops many version protectors to meet the niche market: ultra thin 0.1 flexible glass, anti-blue light tempered glass, anti bacteria tempered glass, curved 6D tempered glass, anti-glare tempered glass.

With 5G network and foldable mobiles coming, are their some significant chances for screen protectors?



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