What is the difference between tempered glass protector and hybrid glass protector?

Tempered glass is made by glass which has been heat treated in high tempering furnace to increase strength and thermal shock resistance. They are widely used in fireplace doors, window glass etc, also called safe glass, as even if they are damaged the glass will shatter into small pieces safe to human.

Refer to the tempered glass screen protector mainly used in our mobiles and LCD screen protector; they are ultra thin ranges generally from 0.1mm to 0.4mm, assuring we could keep high transparency of the vivid screen. 9H hardness allows anti shock, and shatterproof.

With the few years developing of tempered glass screen protector, the tempered glass protector are widely use in mobile accessories. It is so much popular people buying a new smart phone, what the first thing they will think is buying a suitable tempered glass screen protector and a mobile cover to protect the mobiles. No one willing takes so many dollars to replace a LCD screen. Tempered glass are now develops to many features tempered glass, like privacy tempered glass, matte tempered glass, anti blue tempered glass etc. so in generally speaking, screen protection, tempered glass protector is the main product in the mobile accessory.

Hybrid glass. it is actually not a new screen protector. It has another name: PMMA screen protector. Looks kind of unfamiliar, right? Ok, and then let’s see other names of this item: acrylic glass, or plexiglass, acrylite, Lucite, Perspex. From the different names, now we have a general understating of it.

Tempered glass is good enough, why this kind of screen protector is now being introduced to market. Actually it also belongs to the plastic screen protector. And the plastic screen protector is the traditional one, which is the 1st generation of the screen protector. The hybrid glass could categories a plastic screen protector but a new generation. It has the following features: Anti shock, anti scratch, flexible, ultra thin, easy to install and remove, edge unbreakable

However it is not that hard as tempered glass (9H), it reaches 6H hardness. So in anti scratches part, tempered glass is much more better than the PMMA screen protector. Therefore, those normal mobile arc edges, not much people are using this glass so far. While, there does some want have a try for this new items and feels pretty cool, and also people who wants the protector edge not easy broken, that ceramic glass could worth a try.

There is some people also trying to make the PMMA glass suits for the 3D curved mobiles, like the Samsung S10, Note 10, Huawei P30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 30 Pro etc. it is a changes for the acrylic protector to fit for those mobiles. A very important thing is the PMMA protector easy to rebound. As far as we know, people are beginning to R&D this curved PMMA glass from last year. And Samsung Galaxy S10 releasing gives a good chance for the PMMA protector. As the world’s latest technology for ultrasonic screen unlocking, makes the screen protector manufactures all in trouble at that time. PET films working well, but it is too hard to assign a soft film, and it not much protection for the screen. Tempered glass thickness 0.3mm not able to unlock screen (notes: now the tempered glass has solve the problem). Mobiles Galaxy S10 was already in market, but we got need film protector for cover the screen, but from a related study, the tempered glass are not as large exporting than the S9, S8 flagship series, due to it had problem in unlocking screen. It was a good chance for PMMA, people are turning to the material hoping find a solution. While, it was still not easy job to make a perfect item, after like 10 month testing and revising, now the PMMA glass is much stable than the very first time. So for now we could see products PMMA are in market selling. While not all the hybrid glass is working well, about S10 ceramic vs glass, writers has testing several protectors from different suppliers, there is still room for them to improve if it want compare with tempered glass.



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