Here is what we know for new iphone 11 2019

There are many rumors for the 2019 new iPhone. And for sure this year 2019 there will be 3 new iPhone. Though Apple Company has not sent out invitations to any iPhone events yet, but based on the previous years experience, the new 2019 iPhone would announce on Sept. 10, which is a Tuesday. The handsets would likely go on preorder Sept. 13 and go on sale Sept. 20.

The 3 new iPhone will be the size: 5.8’’, 6.1’’, 6.5’’, which may related called by iPhone 11, 11R and 11 Max. the new iPhone looks not much difference in screen part when comparing 2018 iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max. However, the rear camera will be like the following, triple-camera systems, with Apple adopting a new Pixel 4-alike square-shaped array.

Does the new iPhone 2019 support the 5G network? We are no sure about it and will see. However, as a tempered glass manufacturer, we now confirm all those glass info, we are ready for the tempered glass of the new iPhone 11, and we are manufacturing the tempered glass for iPhone 11 2019 in following types:

  • Clear HD tempered glass iPhone 11 5.8’’, 6.1’’, 6.5’’
  • Privacy tempered glass iPhone 11 5.8’’, 6.1’’, 6.5’’
  • Full glue tempered glass iPhone 11 5.8’’, 6.1’’, 6.5’’
  • Rear camera lens protector iPhone 11 5.8’’, 6.1’’, 6.5’’
  • Back glass protection iPhone 11 5.8’’, 6.1’’, 6.5’’




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