A Glance at Tempered Glass Production Line Making Process

In this week, production lines are busy making several OEM orders for customers from USA, Italy etc. We now take a glance at some process of how a amazing tempered glass is made by the raw material.

The raw glass material was imported and packed with shelf. Those glass are pretty heavy, and we must use fork truck to offload the shelf. The very first step to make a glass is cut the glass in to a certain size according to the order we make. For example, if we now making a Xiaomi A3 tempered glass, firstly we need cut the raw glass into small pieces glass size similar with Xiaomi A3 screen. With those pieces glass, then we will process by CNC laser machine. The glass will cut to a exactly shape of the tempered glass. You will see following our staff are working at the CNC machine to laser cut the glass material.

Before we doing the next step, our IPQC team will check semi products. NG items, will end its commission. The ok items, we will go to the ultrasonic cleaning.Then the glass will put into the high temperature furnace. After the glass been tempered like 4 hours, technically now the glass could be named as tempered glass. So the glass now is a safe tempered glass. which we see many tempered glass in our daily life, the process is similar. but for a tempered glass screen protector, now still have many steps to go.

In order to making its higher standard, we will need polish the edge making the perfect edge 2.5D tempered glass. The artwork is not a easy step. There is a certain loss in this process, some glass will be broken, so in this reason, a real 2.5D tempered glass is more costly than other glass.How could be a tempered glass attach to our LCD screen? The reason is that, we will have a AB glue layer on the back side of the glass, please see following:Then we go to the oil coating. This is a very important process; we use high standard oil and machine to spray the AF oil on the tempered glass:Until now a tempered glass is ok to be use. But we still have a important process to go, FQC. Before packing to go, our QC team will check each tempered glass making sure each glass is perfect one when our customers receive. So Fomaxglass will solve all the possible issues within the production line. A further step we do, more positive feedback will have in our customer side.Welcome to contact fomaxglass to get more details. We are always make the latest molds in a very short time, so all popular new tempered glass molds available in fomaxglass. Also we accept OEM orders. Welcome to contact us and visit us.



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