Does the anti blue ray tempered glass really works and really eye protection?

We may know LED light emitting the blue ray which is hurting our eyes. But do you also know the our mobile and TV etc also having this problem? After technical test, blue light from our mobile or TV causes eye fatigue, eye strain, and loss of vision. Furthermore, after using the phone at bed, it even severely affects your sleep negatively.

What is Blue Light?

Light is technically formed by the wave, which some are invisible and some are not. Our human eyes could see light wave between about 400nm and 760nm. UV light waves: 400-480nm. One important thing to clarity, not all the UV light is harmful to our human eyes. Only those UV light waves from 400-440nm are hurting our eyes. So people are also call it the short wave blue light are harmful to our eyes.

How the blue light hurt our eyes?

Nowadays, people are using mobile or computer in daily working, study, and communication. It is impossible for us to avoid this must have device. We are using them all of the day, which will cause those issues: eye-fatigue, eye-strain, loss of vision.

For Eye protection, what can we do by tempered glass?

Anti blue tempered glass is a special glass protector with features anti blue ray. There are a lay of film which can block the blue ray from the LCD screen, so it cut off the emitting, and no more the blue ray to our eyes. Following is the benefits of the anti blue ray tempered glass:

Reduce mobile LCD glare. The entire glass protector will have some features in doing this.

Ease symptoms of eye strain. Eye care friendly.

Block damaging blue light.

Resist scratches and smudges.

Repel dust and water

Block 100% UV light

Reduce color and image distortion

For those reasons, the anti blue ray tempered glass widely sold worldwide. However, you may not know there are some type “anti blue ray” tempered glass, which don’t have this function, but still many customers are buying it, due to they not know how to verify what is anti blue ray tempered glass, and misleading by those glass supplier advertising. As frankly, nobody could tell how they benefits from the glass, what they first see is a glass with a color or some kind of layer shinning on the glass surface. But now fomaxglass now tells you please be careful, some glass are not real anti blue ray, those glass are just with a special coating on the glass, looks like kind of purple color, looks pretty cool color, but useless referring the blocking the UV light. You could have a simple try, put the glass under the blue light and see the light could transmit it or not:

A real anti blue tempered glass will looks like following:

The following purple glass which can not block the blue light looks like this:

Please be careful and check with the glass supplier, if your current blue ray glass are real eye protection and could block the blue light. Welcome to contact us, if need more help.




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