Really no any screen protectors can fit for Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship had a successful debut in all over the world, according to the related analysis; it reaches more than 16% higher than the Galaxy S9 series from last year by now.

The most outstanding feature-ultrasonic fingerprint sensor scanner, which is a most advanced tech screen unlock for Samsung. It brings high feedback for the mobile, but at same time, it also brings a headache for people who want a screen protector to protect its screen. Is there a perfect screen protector for fitting the mobile Samsung Galaxy S10? Now let’s check what screen films will do.

A basic tempered glass. Before the S10 mobile unveiled, tempered glass factories has already got the LCD spec and begin its initial try for the glass. While, unexpected the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, the tempered glass made size are perfectly match the mobile. And as usual for all the Samsung Galaxy flagship, factories made the glass both full surface version and case friendly version. No need to say, this version is not ok for the mobile; it only could protect the S10 screen, but has blocked the scanner for fingerprint.

Tempered glass with a hole cut. This is a very easy version, 100% unlock the fingerprint scanner with a round hole cut out in the fingerprint area. However, nobody wants this glass film. No one can bear such as excellent mobile with an ugly look glass protector.

Tempered glass 0.1/0.15mm ultra thin. Ultrasonic tech is quite different from any other solution for unlocking, a general thickness glass 0.3mm can not unlocking. So people are trying the ultra thin glass like 0.1mm and 0.15mm, hoping a thin glass could not much blocking the fingerprint. Gorilla glass, AGC glass, High silicone glass etc all branded material are tired, however, not as good as expected. Fingerprint sensor scanner unlocking can only reach 30-40% in general. so this version glass, stop here.

PET film TPU screen protector. Samsung Galaxy S10 are sold well, but we must find a choice to protect such a mobile, not much choice, so the PET curvedfilm screen protector or TPU film screen guard once again becoming hot. It can perfectly solving the sensor scanner finally. But what a pity it is only 4H hardness, not able protect as tempered glass 9H.

UV tempered glass. Comparing with the normal AB glue tempered glass; the UV tempered glass is kind of new. There are no any layers of AB adhesive glue inside the glass, it using the local liquid UV glue. When install the glass on screen, we need spread out liquid glue on screen, and we need UV light to lighting it pasting on screen. Thanks to the local glue, the uv tempered glass can working with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. While it also have some shorts defect such as more steps installation than normal glass; may not easy for a green hand. And one thing need consider is costing some trouble for air shipping. While this solution is an acceptable one, cost effective and helps for such a headache mobile protection. Fomax glass team now has been exporting for the uv glass widely.


Tempered glass with a silicone rubber on fingerprint area. This solution is a late coming design. Based on a curved tempered glass, which only 4 edges have adhesive glue, but in the glass fingerprint touch area, we add a silicone rubber there; paste it with AB glue, so it can fully attach to the Samsung screen in the certain sensor area. It is a special material for the rubber part, and it plays a most important role in this glass, generally speaking this small rubber silicone takes about 10% material cost in the total of this tempered glass. It can perfectly solving the sensor touch unlocking.

PMMA screen protector also called hybrid glass; combine material/ Polymethyl methacrylate. This screen protector is a new coming, the material is not a new one, it has been using for camera lens before. This kind of films they have the features: fast unlock screen S10, easy to paste on screen, can install several times if the 1st time installation not ok; flexible, not easy broken edge, fully edge protection and case friendly. However it also has the short point only have 6H hardness. While for a daily using, the PMMA glass is also acceptable. Depend on different market and customer requirement.

Full glue 3D curved tempered glass. This glass is becoming stable on this month. We have been upgrading to many versions, and now finally the glass could be perfectly unlock the mobile screen S10. Firstly is the glass must no air bubbles after installation, so we must need a good AB glue but at the same time, the glass should not be thick, as if too thick, there will have problems in fingerprint sensor unlocking. Tested with many different materials and different mobile S10 and S10 Plus, fomaxglass now finally find a solution for it, price is kind of high now, but comparing with a great production for mobile, it worth the money. Welcome to contact us. (Refer to Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we now also have the solution.)

So now you know which solution screen protector is better for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Anyway, technology is always developing, same as tempered glass screen protector, and we will keep update when new solution is coming out.



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