Anti fog rain shield screen film for car side mirror

Have you guys faced the noisy problem driving in a rainy day: the side mirrors are getting very blue due to the rain drop on them? This will be tough to see and judge how far the car is before changing the lane etc. With some cars even not turning on their head-light when it getting really ‘dark’ on a cloudy day/night at times. And furthermore even if your take signal in earlier and try to move into another lane, but most drivers are not “willing” to give way to you. As they think they have the right of the way.

How to solve this problem? Now Fomax will provide a workable and easy solution. We now highly recommended anti raindrop screen protector. It is a very good rain shied for side mirrors helping drivers to keep a saving drive in the rainy day.

About the installation it is pretty easy; please check the video as following:

Please see the video:




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