Why tempered glass screen protector looks same but the price is quite different

As different market niche, a normal traditional tempered glass wills no longer meet customers’ needs. So you will see like hundreds of tempered glass with quite different pricing different.

As the market growing, there are too many different glass films, if categories by shape, simply the glass protector could have the following types:

  • 3D curved tempered glass (cold carving, hot bending, and etching)
  • 2.5D full coverage tempered glass (aluminum tempered glass, silk print tempered glass, carbon fiber tempered glass)
  • HD crystal tempered glass (2.5D arc tempered glass, straight tempered glass).

If class by the function, we have further like following:

  • HD premium tempered glass,
  • Matte/anti glare tempered glass,
  • Anti blue tempered glass (eye protection),
  • Privacy tempered glass etc.

So when comparing the pricing, we should confirm which tempered glass type. In a general, a tempered glass cost will base on following features:

  • Glass raw material (Corning, Asahi, NSG, Scott etc)
  • Anti fingerprint coating
  • AB Glue
  • Tempered time
  • Polishing of the edge
  • QC standard
  • Factory management etc

And there are too many tempered glass factories makes all similar tempered glass, but surely some manufactures aims at low market, some middle market, and some high market. That will all depends on what are their strategies.

Tempered glass screen protector is a special product, which are easy to be crack, easy to have dust, and easy to have small issue. However, all those issues will be very easily to solve or avoid once their production pays more attention on it, and true is it will related with the cost.

Fomaxglass not able to meet all customers’ target price, but once they have tries our quality, they will know it worth the buying.



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