do smartwatches need screen protector

When you purchase smartwatches, the first question you may ask is: Do i need grab a tempered glass screen protector to go with it and keep the smartwatches safe? And from Internet, there are a lot of discusstions about “do you recommed a screen protector on smartches” “Should i buy a tempered glass screen protector for my smart watch”.


Depend on what situation you are working with, if the damage is likely to occur, it is better to have one than none. For example, if you are sports lover and doing a lot of outdoor sports with the swatches, or you are working in warehouse, the watch got hit a lot, it is better for you to opt a tempered glass protector for the smartwatch device.

Not talking about the damage, the LCD screen is easy to get dirty or sweat, paint chips accumulated were on the actual bezel. With daily usage, it is hard to clean off. Therefore, a screen protector could easy solve this situation. How? Just peel off the screen protector and opt a new screen protector on the watch, now the smartwatch is still looks like brand new. So a screen protector not only could save the LCD screen, but also could extend the working life of it.

Must have one for the watch. Some people says the screen protector for smart watch now is greatly improve the quality and nice design, it is barely noticeable that the screen protector are on the smartwatches. They are taking crazy care of all their mobile and smartwatches, as they could still sell the device as second hand to others with good price and then they buy a brand new latest one. And it turns out this helps and works.


Smart watch has a bezel around the edge, preventing it from most scratches. They believe this bezel ( not a display) is a original protector for LCD screen, no more need a additional screen protector.

They has wearing the watches for 1 years, and not much visisble screaches are there. So it is believed paying additional money for a LCD screen protector is waste of money.

Not have good experience with a screen protector. They purchased a screen protector before, but they got a lot of abuse at the click sound when use the smart watches. The tempered glass protector of watch only have glue on edges, leaving the center display part no glue. So not a good experience.

As for screen protector manufacturer, Fomaxglass respect all clients their choice. And one thing we would like say is tempered glass protector for smart watches has been now like 4 generations. So the screen protector for watches now are very stable and easy to use. About the people cons for click sound, now are no more happen, as the glass protector for watches now all full display full glue design, so this is no more an issue. New generations of Smartwathces are more and more better, same is to screen protector, in this year, the hybrid glass screen protector for watch is a good choice.



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