Huawei P50 Pro , finally it comes!

After months of waiting, the Huawei P50 series has finally been revealed. There’s no Pro+ model this time around, just a vanilla and a Pro phone. But both feature improved cameras and some interesting choices for chipsets, more on that in a second.

huawei P50 Pro camera

Let’s start with the cameras – they are still Leica-branded, both models feature 10-channel color sensors and improved telephoto modules. The P50 pair is equipped with the same main camera – a 50MP sensor sitting behind a 23mm lens with an f/1.8 aperture and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

When people are rumorning for  the coming iPhone 13 in September, Huawei P50 PRo has finally been revealed after months of waiting. The Huawei P50 Pro is Huawei latest P-series high-end flagship smartphone in 2021.

There is no more Pro+ model this time when compare with former P40 Pro+. Both of the P50 Pro and P50 feature improved cameras . The camera setup combines a large-sensor primary camera with a 13 mm ultra-wide, a 90 mm tele, a monochrome sensor, and a multispectral color temperature sensor for optimizing white balance and color rendering.

It also revives the concept of using a monochrome sensor alongside the primary sensor, something last seen in the P20 Pro from 2018.

The monochrome sensor improves fine detail rendering and reduces noise, especially in low light. It also helps with depth estimation for the simulated bokeh effect. Following please see the Key camera specifications:

Primary: 50 MP sensor (12.5 MP output), 23 mm-equivalent f/1.8-aperture lens, OIS

Monochrome: 40 MP sensor (binned to 10 MP), 26 mm-equivalent f/1.6-aperture lens

Ultra-wide: 13 MP sensor, 13 mm-equivalent f/2.2-aperture lens

Tele: 64 MP sensor (16 MP output), 90 mm-equivalent f/3.5-aperture lens, OIS

Multispectral sensor

LED flash

4K video, 2160p/60 fps, (2160p/30 fps tested)

Kirin 9000 chipset

huawei P50 Pro vs P50 chipset

And what a pity Huawei P50 series not support 5G due to not enough chipset. Also Huawei P50 chipset is different from the P50 Pro: P50 adopts Qualcomm 888 4G and P50 Pro use huawei Kirin 9000. And the new mobiles use huawei Harmony OS 2 system.

The mobiles will be on market in August. Fomax glass glad to say we are now ready for tempered glass protector for Huawei P50, full glue screen protector; and tempered glass screen protector for Huawei P50 Pro, 3D curved screen protector, edge by edge.



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