How a rubber edge tempered glass screen protector works

Tempered glass screen protector is not a new item to people. Mostly, you will find the following types of glass screen protector:

Transparent 0.3mm tempered glass, which is the 1st generation of tempered glass protector. With about 10 years developing, these types of screen protector is still popular in market.

Full glue tempered glass protector with black frame. With maximum full coverage of the mobile screen at same time case friendly design, this version of tempered glass protector is now widely used in mobile. Probably now you take a look at your mobile now, you could find yourself already using it.

And do you hear something about a rubber edge tempered glass screen protector? Also, someone call it silicone edge tempered glass, or say no broken edge tempered glass. Don’t get me wrong, it is not TPU plastic screen protector, but a real tempered glass but the edge with special treatment: edge is made by silicone rubber which formed by an injection molding tool. And the edge is about 0.35mm pop out then flat tempered glass. So with such a rubber edge tempered glass, the screen protector now could be shatterproof, explosion proof, drop resistance scratch.

rubber edge tempered glass protector

The rubber edge glass with the silicone edge, it solves the problem tempered glass edge got broken when you take out from pocket and found unknow when happened. And an unexpected drop makes the glass or even LCD screen broken.

rubber edge tempered glass protector

This great unbroken tempered glass protector only available for iPhone models, and if need some other brand mobile like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. need to OEM/ODM. Welcome to contact Fomaxglass to know more details.




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